For Book Clubs

Meera Klein, book club, My Mother's Kitchen, book club appearances, fiction, contemporary fiction Meera Klein, My Mother's Kitchen, novel, fiction, book club, book club appearances, contemporary fiction

My Mother’s Kitchen for Book Clubs

  • Make recipes from the book to enjoy during the discussion session.


Questions for Discussion


  1. What is the author trying to accomplish? Entertainment? Message?
  2. Do you feel this is autobiographical?

The Book in General

  1. Is the book believable?
  2. What is the book’s greatest strength? Flaw?
  3. Can you describe the book in one word?
  4. Can you compare this book to any others you have read?
  5. Would you recommend this book to others?


  1. Is the main character sympathetic?
  2. Were problems or challenges faced by the main character resolved?
  3. How do the main character’s decisions affect her life? Others?
  4. Is the main character likeable? Would you like to see more of her in another book?


  1. Is the story driven by plot, ideas or character?
  2. How is the story told?
  3. How does the author’s style affect the story?
  4. Read a paragraph from the book to demonstrate what you like or dislike about the author’s style.


  1. What theme drives the story?
  2. Is the theme relevant today?
  3. What ideas drive the story?


  1. Did you agree with the author’s choice of title?
  2. Does the story/content reflect the title?


  1. What are some of your family’s favorite recipes?
  2. Is there a dish that has been passed down through the generations?
  3. Have you cooked or experimented with Indian cooking?
  4. Will you incorporate some of the spices, ghee in the future?
  5. What was your favorite recipe in the book? Why?