Garden meditation

August 2019

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience; everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” ~May Sarton.

Our tiny backyard garden is a year-round source of peace and produce.

Gardening is a form of meditation for my husband. He finds solace and joy in pulling weeds, preparing the soil, carefully planting the seeds, watering and nurturing the plants and then harvesting the fruits of his labor.

Harvesting cherry tomatoes or handfuls of fragrant herbs gives him immense pleasure. The fact his harvest ends up on his dinner plate makes the whole process even more satisfying.

I love fresh produce but I admit gardening is not my thing.  That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy our backyard oasis. In the middle of the day, when the lawnmowers and leaf blowers are finally turned off, a warm stillness settles in the garden. The neighborhood children are in school and there is a profound silence all around me.

The warm sun, chirping birds, buzzing bees and an occasional butterfly are my only companions. Some days the peace is broken when a territorial fight breaks out between the mocking birds and the aggressive Scrub Jays. These tiny guardians are fiercely protective of their space.

The bees and butterflies pay no attention to the screeching birds. Gathering nectar from golden sunflowers and purple zinnias is much more important.

As the day warms and the sun’s heat wilts the green basil and the valiant tomato vines, I settle in the shade to enjoy the peace. For me the real harvest is not the produce but the serenity of growing things.

Surrounded by verdant and lush bushes and plants, my breathing slows down. I can feel my muscles loosen and my aches and pains fading.

Northern California’s fierce heat melts away my cares and worries. As my body relaxes my mind calms down. Those annoying thoughts zapping around my brain slowly wind down.

I don’t usually call this meditation but sitting in my little green garden on a quiet weekday afternoon does feel like a moment of deep reflection. Now I understand what my husband finds so tranquil in the garden.

Recently we visited our son in his first apartment. His tiny patio is a little green oasis. I hope he discovers the restfulness of being surrounded by growing things, even if it is just one cherry tomato vine, a single pepper plant and a few herbs.

Making a place for quiet contemplation, a moment of mindfulness and meditation is essential in this busy world. I hope all of you find a minute or two to slow down and breathe deeply.




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10 responses to “Garden meditation

  1. Tina

    Well said my friend…

  2. Linda Biewer-Elstob

    Couldn’t agree more. I love my garden, even though Kevin does most of it, some daily pottering is necessary for the soul.

  3. snahal

    Like all of your writing, this is beautiful. It also made me question why I don’t have a tomato vine, a pepper plants and some herbs. Your writing inspires.

    • writermeera

      Thanks Sarb. It is so cute…Ajay is waiting for this three cherry tomatoes to ripen and his one serrano chili pepper to get bigger! Best wishes for a great school year. Take care of your health….

  4. Hasmita

    Lovely post, Meera. Especially liked the line “For me the real harvest is not the produce but the serenity of growing things.” Wishing you and your family peace and serenity.

  5. Jan

    Meera I love this! I too find solace in nature, the plants, the wildlife and my favorite the beach listening to the waves roll in.

    • writermeera

      Thanks Jan! Hope you are well. Here time is flying by….Joeti and wife Alli just moved to Idaho! Ajay is living in Reno (he’s the one with the patio garden). Hope your kids are thriving!

  6. Jan

    Meera I love this! I too find solace in nature, the plants, the wildlife and my favorite the beach listening to the waves roll in.

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