Bittersweet moments

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Photos of those watching from above. They were all missed!


Life moves on

July 2017

Intense joy is often tempered with deep sorrow. The occasion was my son’s wedding. The entire weekend was filled with joy. The radiant bride was more luminous than the bright sunshine and my son was particularly handsome in his casual blue jeans and cowboy boots. Relatives and friends gathered with a common purpose of celebrating their young love. The ceremony was moving with brilliant touches of humor and I wished all my family could have been there with me to share this happy day. Sitting in that hot sun, I took a minute to remember those who were no longer with us.

My mother would have loved the moment when my son draped the traditional gold “thali” chain around his new bride. She may have been a little puzzled by the country music and the delicious tiered wedding cake but she always had an ability to see what was really important. So she would have enjoyed my son’s happy grin and the joyful bride. “They love each other and that is all that matters,” she would have said. I know this because that is what she said to me 31 years ago on my wedding day in the Nilgiris or Blue Mountains.

My father would have taken great pleasure in puffing a cigar with the handsome groomsmen and perhaps sipping an ice cold beer.  The music, the food and the event site would have intrigued him.

My late mother-in-law would have been delighted to see her grandson looking so grown up and serious. She would have loved the bow ties and blue jeans. She would have exclaimed with pleasure over the bride’s gorgeous dress. She would have complimented us  on a job well done and she would have shed a few happy tears along with me.

My uncle loved animals and would have been amused to see the couple’s young puppy walk down the aisle with my younger son. His quiet wisdom, charming manner and self-deprecating humor would have attracted the attention of everyone, young and old. His blessing would have been simple and powerful, “remember men and women are meant to complete each other, not compete with each other.”

A successful marriage is based on trust and love and my uncle said it best in his succinct manner, “Put each other first,” he used to say with a gentle smile.

If my son and daughter-in-law practiced this compelling piece of advice, they will be blessed with a harmonious, loving and lasting marriage.


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14 responses to “Bittersweet moments

  1. Sharon Hallberg

    Enjoy this new phase as a mother-in law. Your thoughts brought smiles as I reflected on our 49 years of marriage. Sharon

    • Lemon

      Thanks Sharon I will! 49 years!! Wow, congrats. Will try my best to catch up with you guys 🙂

      • writermeera

        Dear Tina,
        Thank you so much. And he didn’t look at his watch once! Only you would get that insider joke 🙂
        Will post photos soon. They were so great looking!

  2. Tina Guild

    Again so well said. I could picture your joyous occasion….
    With love, Tina

  3. Anne Witt

    Wonderful words, Meera!

  4. Kathleen Bishop

    Beautiful Meera! Thanks for sharing your joy! Wishing Joeti and his wife love overflowing, Kathy

    • writermeera

      Thank you so much Kathy! I appreciate your good wishes. Sorry to have missed you the last time I visited but I did see your two beautiful daughters!

  5. dianaione

    A lovely statement. Weddings always bring tears, don’t they? Tears of joy, but also bittersweet memories. I’m sure it was a wonderful occasion. And a great party! Take care,Diane

  6. Saraswathi Unni

    Best wishes to the young couple! Some pics?

  7. Karla Boyd

    Dear Meera:

    I feel such love for you and your family in this celebration of new life. Congratulations. Gratitude for sharing this special day with us.

    I first learned of a deeper significance of weddings watching the Ramayana movie. I learn again of it here in this beautiful hello and this bittersweet good-bye with those not there but who through you had important things to say. I know it is your blessing and words that will linger in their hearts.

    May the blessings given last lifetimes.


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