TV time!

Not everyone watches television first thing in the morning, so here’s a video clip of my appearance on Good Day Sacramento. It was surprisingly fun!



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6 responses to “TV time!

  1. Karla Boyd

    Hey Meera!

    SPECTACULAR…you are a PRO to have done this sooooooo fast! Wow. I wanted her to say what it tasted like! MAZZEL TOV! Yum! Sweet potato…wow … can’t wait! Good going! And love the part where the camera was on your talking hands!




    • writermeera

      Dear Karla, You know just the right thing to say:) Thank you my friend for all your encouragement and support. It took hours of planning for those 3 minutes on TV! But on the plus side, I have all the veggies chopped for dinner tonight. Kleins are having Aviyal! Love to you!

  2. Sandra L DeLay

    Meera, Your interview was fabulous!!! Very engaging, articulate, funny, and informing. Congrats!

    • writermeera

      Thanks Sandra. It was more fun than I thought it would be! Lots of likes on social media, not so much book-buying. Life of an author! Hope you are well!

  3. Heidi Smith

    Congratulations!! You look like a pro (TV cook; I know you’re a pro cook in general.) Very nicely done.

    Just wrapped up the Patwin Book Fair – old times, huh?

    Hope you’re well, Heidi

    • writermeera

      Hi Heidi,
      Sure miss you. How’s Miss Moriah? Thanks for you kind words. Now going back to writing…two books almost done! Good to hear from you!

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