Solitude is bliss–to a writer

Re-sending again. Sorry if you get it twice!

Meera Klein

The Beauty of Solitude

December 2015

Every morning before he leaves for work, my husband kisses me good-bye and asks, “are you going to be okay by yourself?”

And I realize why he worries about me. I’m by nature gregarious and outgoing.

For more than a decade, I have been part of a vibrant elementary school environment. Noise, laughter, chatter and talking had been a part of my life. I had enjoyed interacting with little ones as well as dedicated teachers. There had been celebrations, luncheons and staff parties to attend.

But for the past few months I have been leading another kind of life, one of solitude. Writing is a lonely business but I’m never alone. Right now my universe is populated by a sweet Indian girl and the man of her dreams, a village barber with a deadly razor and a poor teenager who is lost between two…

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6 responses to “Solitude is bliss–to a writer

  1. dianaione

    Hi Meera,
    Lovely. I’m waiting to read your new book (though I know it will be a while . . .). Had a nice afternoon with Aunty, chatting and giving her tea at lunch. I’ll show her that photo you sent recently — it had slipped my mind. She will be very interested.

    (Diane M)

    • writermeera

      Thanks Diane. Your afternoon sounds perfect. One book is half done and I finished another one in November which I’m editing. Takes time 🙂 See you soon!

  2. Paula Horn

    Hi Meera, as always I feel happy after reading your post. These are the first holidays that I won’t be working at Patwin in 15 years or at another school in 30 years and it definitely makes for a different kind of holiday business. I treasure knowing you and learning more about myself through your words! Thank you, love Paula

    • writermeera

      Dear Paula,
      Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. I agree change is always hard, even the best ones! I hope your family is doing well. Let’s plan on getting together after the holidays.
      Hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

  3. Sarb

    Meera I just read this. I love this, especially on mindfullness..and about Duke..and how you transitioned from being at Patwin to writing. It’s beautiful how you expressed that. I can’t wait to read your book. ❤️

    • writermeera

      Aww. Thanks Sarb. So glad you enjoyed. You should read the one I wrote this past week. Duke is featured, again:) Love that boy!

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