A full circle…or maybe not

April 2015

 Sometimes in life you end up where you started. I was reminded of this recently as my husband and I observed Vishu or Kerala New Year. Vishu is a charming festival celebrating spring time, hope and new beginnings. It was a favorite holiday for my boys, even as teens.

I loved it because it brought back so many warm memories of my own childhood celebrations.  This was our first Vishu without our sons. So it was with a bit of trepidation that I set up our Vishu display (called Kanni).

On Vishu morning I woke up early and stumbled to the display and looked in the mirror. With my eyes wide open, I admired the yellow blooms, the bounty of fresh fruit and grains. The light from the oil lamp twinkled and reflected its warm glow in the mirror. The scent of sandalwood incense, fresh flowers and ripe fruit was as familiar and comforting as a warm blanket.  Without my contact lenses the blurry image in the mirror could have me at age five or six. And for a second, just a tiny moment, I was back in my childhood home.

Without children to distract me I could prolong that moment of deep awareness and find peace with my adult and child selves. Later, I shared that moment of serenity with my husband.

There will be other poignant celebrations ahead for us: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Onam (harvest festival) and our birthdays. But along with the poignancy and sadness there will be moments of introspection and profound peace.

So my husband and I find ourselves discovering such bittersweet moments on a bright Sunday afternoon or during a late-night supper. We are resolved to enjoy this time of togetherness. We are also resolved to enjoy each and every minute we get to spend with our sons in the coming months.  Perhaps our circle is not quite complete…it is still growing and evolving. For this I’m deeply grateful.

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One response to “A full circle…or maybe not

  1. dianaione

    Hi Meera,
    So good to hear about your Vishu celebration. We also had a nice celebration — so many flowers are in bloom here and they made a beautiful display. I’m pretty busy here with Valerie’s visit, which is always a lot of fun.
    Take care,

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