January 2015: Our Ancestors live on in us!

January 2015

Sometimes the tiniest gestures bring on the biggest memories. My oldest son was recently home for the holidays and was enjoying a plate of eggs with fresh garden herbs and fried baby potatoes. I happened to glance over and the way his broad back was resting on the wooden chair brought forth  a memory both poignant and sweet. He was unmistakably male with a beard and thick head of hair but the angle of his head and line of his shoulder reminded me so sharply of my mother that for the briefest moment I thought I was back in my childhood kitchen. The room, in my memory, was warm and the air was fragrant with the crisp rice crepes (dosas) frying on the iron griddle. The sizzle of ghee and the tangy taste of the delicate crepes were a feast for the senses.

My second son has a head of unruly curls that he inherited from my mother-in-law. He also has her sense of humor and ear for music. So when my sons’ movements or laughter remind me of my mother or mother-in-law it is then I realize  that the dead are never really gone. They live on in our children and our children’s children.

By now everyone who has read “My Mother’s Kitchen” knows that the book is a long tribute to my own mother. And that is when it hit me! My mother, in a small way, has been immortalized in the pages of my novel. Every time someone reads the dedication and pauses a moment to contemplate the words they are thinking of my mother and in a way keeping her memory alive.

Of course I miss the physical presence of the people I have lost over the years but knowing that I can see my mother or mother-in-law or my uncle in my sons’ faces, eyes or laughter is deeply comforting. There is something soothing about knowing that your ancestors live on in you and your loved ones.

A plea to my followers: Thank you for faithfully following Meera’s Musings. I appreciate your attention. If you enjoy my blog and my first novel, “My Mother’s Kitchen: A novel with recipes” please consider writing a review of the book both for Amazon and Barnes &  Noble. A newie author, with virtually no budget for marketing, I depend on the kindness of friends and acquaintances to spread the word about the book. So if you haven’t bought a copy, please consider buying one from  the Avid Reader, Nugget Market in Davis or online through Homebound Publications, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I so appreciate your help in this matter.


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3 responses to “January 2015: Our Ancestors live on in us!

  1. Linda BE

    I love this idea of memory living on in our children, relatives, etc… I also see that with Julien, who at times reminds me so much of my dad. By the way, I took your book to LA when visiting Julien over the holidays, and almost lost it to him. He loves to read, cook, and eat Indian food, so he was ready to keep the book. I told him as soon as I finished it, he could have his turn.

    • writermeera

      Thanks Linda. Seeing my mom in Joeti’s gestures was a bittersweet moment. I missed my mom all over again and at the same time I was so happy.

  2. Kathy Bishop

    Hi Meera, Next time I see you I’d love to buy a book!


    “Make your life a work of art.” Eknath Easwaran

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